Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The beginning

When my second child was born nearly 4 years ago, he suffered from chronic diarrhoea. The doctors tested him for lactose intolerance at the age of 1 and it was negative so they told me he would grow out of his tummy troubles. Two years later he was still having problems and I put it down to a family history of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). But when toilet training became very difficult my sister suggested that I take him (and me) to a Kinesiologist who tests for food intolerances. So of to Dr Steve, who after some very strange methods of testing, informs us that we both have wheat and lactose intolerances, as well as a few other little issues. My daughter had also began complaining of sore tummies regularly so another visit to Dr. Steve and she had the same intolerances. I was still somewhat sceptical because of the strange methods to test for these food intolerances but I was willing to give it a go because I was at my whits end. So a gluten and lactose free diet was started. Within days we were all feeling better but my husband, who had begun eating all the things in the pantry that we were no longer eating, became very lethagic and would sleep for hours each morning. He ended up in hospital after a bout of gastro and the doctors ordered a gastoscopy to look for ulcers. The result was no ulcers but a confirmation of Coeliac Disease, not quite what they were looking for, but we are glad that it was discovered. Now we were all on the Gluten Free diet, which in some ways actually made it easier to cook. A complete cleanout of the pantry and fridge made my neighbours happy as they were presented with baskets of groceries and frozen foods that no one in my house could eat.

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